Greg and Glenda Avery Greg and Glenda Avery
Picking up the Pieces
Returning home for the first time

A Safe Haven
Evacuees recount how they turned a local school into a refuge for their flooded neighborhood

Bound by the Storm
Hurricane Katrina experience motivates couple to marry

A Fresh Start
Scenes from the wedding ceremony at Camp Dawson

Patrick Burke Patrick Burke
Hell Bent for Home
Elderly blind man returns to rebuild his home

Raynell Goff Raynell Goff
Working to Forget (coming soon)
Evacuee copes with traumatic memories

Robert Goslin Robert Goslin
Running on Faith
Forced to leave his dogs in New Orleans, Goslin turned to the web to get them back.

Together Again
After being reunited with his three dogs, Goslin talks about their new life in the country.

Isiah and Suzette King Isiah and Suzette King
Staying for Missy
“Okay, bring the damn dog”

Delmon McKinney Delmon McKinney
From Storm to Surgery
One man’s struggle to live


John Streeter and Yogi John Streeter and Yogi
Touched by a Hundred Hands
Volunteer uses therapy dog to help disaster victims

Neal Newfield Neal Newfield
Disaster 101
Social worker narrates his own photographs taken at Camp Dawson