Interdisciplinary techniques and concepts instructors can use to develop diversity-based service learning projects:

Curriculum-Based Service-Learning Programs

The Problem of Speaking for Others

Columbia Interactive e-Seminars: Discovering Your Community through Oral History

Methods: What is Ethnography?

Visual Sociology, Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: It’s All a Matter of Context

Suggested goals to consider for integrating a diversity component into journalism instruction:

1. A deliberate effort to include a diverse population as sources of stories and interview subjects in student work.

2. Designing the recruitment of diverse populations into the requirements of student assignments.

3. Allowing additional time and resources for students to find, gain entrée and recruit sources outside their own culture and social groups.

4. Inclusion of diverse voices in the examples shown to students as exemplary pieces of journalism.

5. Inclusion of short, directed readings and writing exercises designed to allow students to reflect critically on their practice of diversity.