Bound by the Storm Continued

Greg and Glenda went to the same high school and graduated a year apart, but they didn’t know each other then. They met 20 years later while working with a program that helped homeless veterans find jobs.

He was a job counselor for the program, and she was a volunteer secretary. The day they met, Greg gave her a smile she’s never forgotten.

“He gave me a big cheery hello, and I swung around and I saw sunshine,” she said.

That moment turned into courtship that evolved into an engagement of sorts. More than 10 years ago, Greg and Glenda signed a covenant expressing their commitment to each other.

“We believed that if we connected on a different plane where we became one mind, then we would become one love,” she said.

They soon became business partners in their company, “Past Forever.” Together they helped promote music and entertainment events in New Orleans. Greg also worked as a freelance photographer and writer.