About This Project

“Starting Over: Loss and Renewal in Katrina's Aftermath” is the work of students and faculty at the West Virginia University P.I. Reed School of Journalism. In September, student teams in a multimedia class began covering the New Orleans evacuees who were temporarily relocated to a military camp less than an hour's drive from the university.

Print reporters from other journalism courses joined those teams. Soon the effort became the “Katrina Project,” involving those who are learning to become newspaper reporters, television broadcasters and photojournalists.

Two graduate students, Lingbing Hang and Ivy Smith Guiler, and an undergraduate student, Justin Weaver, took on leadership roles, coordinating coverage, copy and visuals.

Strong support from Dean Maryanne Reed led to the development of this Web site and the creation of a convergence course that allowed students to continue to follow the stories of Katrina evacuees for the past year.

“These students are gaining invaluable experience, immersing themselves in the stories of Katrina survivors,” Reed said. “The students are working together across disciplines to do journalism that matters. I am very proud of their efforts and the exceptional work they have produced.”

Educators outside journalism also contributed to this Web site.